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What Qualifies a Property to be TAG Approved?®

Enforce non-discriminatory policies including “sexual orientation.”

Treat heterosexual and domestic partners equally in personnel policies.

Provides LGBT diversity and sensitivity training for employees.

Empower customers and employees to be “watchdogs” of its gay and lesbian business practices.

Gives back to their community.

Employs staff who reflect the diversity of their community.

Axel Hotel Barcelona

Aribau, 33
Barcelona, 08011

[+34) 93 323 9393

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Neighborhood: Gayxambpe
Number of Rooms: 105
Type of Hotel: Design Hotel

Faithful to the concept and style of Axel - design, comfortable, cosmopolitan atmosphere, and good value for price and service - the Axel Hotel Barcelona re-opens again in May 2010 with completely renovated design rooms and expansion on facilities.

The new 105 rooms combine the touch of decoration from Modernista with the warmth and elegance of the Mediterranean. New spaces at Axel Hotel Barcelona, will become the urban meeting point of the heterofriendly and trendy audience in the city, offering the unique atmosphere with an environment full of designful elements.

The main design concept, the harmonious combination of the past, the present and the future, is exposed from the beautiful façade to the small decoration details in the interior design. History and design is integrated through materials from the identical Modernista style of Barcelona and the contemporary european design.

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