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What Qualifies a Property to be TAG Approved?®

Enforce non-discriminatory policies including “sexual orientation.”

Treat heterosexual and domestic partners equally in personnel policies.

Provides LGBT diversity and sensitivity training for employees.

Empower customers and employees to be “watchdogs” of its gay and lesbian business practices.

Gives back to their community.

Employs staff who reflect the diversity of their community.

Z Ocean Hotel South Beach

1437 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139


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Neighborhood: North end of Ocean Drive in the heart of Miami’s South Beach
Number of Rooms: 79
Type of Hotel: Boutique Luxury

Nestled on the north end of Ocean Drive with its main entrance on Collins Avenue, Z Ocean Hotel offers two worlds: a luxurious solace inside a chic and intimate haven where guests will discover a refined South Beach experience and accessibility to a vibrant, see–and-be-seen nightlife.

As a Hotel that embraces diversity, gay and lesbian travelers will find Z Ocean Hotel as one of Miami’s more comfortable hotels catering to all communities. The hotel is a refuge where guests will find not only impeccable taste and privacy, but also a diversified and welcoming staff working to make each experience memorable.”

For those seeking GLBT information, the hotel is a few blocks northeast of the new LGBT Miami Beach Visitors Center. Centrally located in the offices of the Miami-Dade Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, the Center is the first permanent operation of its kind in the US.

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